Client Testimonials

Jill is a BIG THINKER and a "Get it Done" professional. If you need support for your business for a small or large project, Jill is the lady that you should go to first! Besides her incredible background, skill-set and connections, Jill is also FABULOUSLY fun and extremely positive! I look forward to many projects and collaborations with Jill!

Melissa O'Reilly, Founder & CEO Shush Shoes

Big Thinkers is always on the top of their game especially in social media.  The ideas are creative, orignal and most import successful and productive.  Thank you Big Thinkers.

Cheryl Mantia, Area Revenue Manager at Radisson Hotel Rochester Riverside

Jill is magic! Her expertise and thoughtful insight gave me the clarity to make my big idea even bigger. Truly, you don't know what you are missing until you talk to Jill!

Tiffany Nash, Owner at Tiffany Nash Beauty 

Jill's thoughtful insight is helping me to have a stronger social media presence and to leverage the multiple platforms. Her expertise in knowing what will help you grow your business is invaluable!

Tracy Erwin, Independant Consultant, Rodan & Fields

Over the last year I've come to know Jill both as a person and in business. What I have discovered is that Jill is both a world class businesswoman and a lot of fun. I've been a patron of the events she organizes and finds funding for - all wildly successful. I also have had the luxury of seeing her in action with her network of high power business people who embrace her and her ideas in business. In recent days she has hatched plans that Rochester will soon experience, each of which are visionary. This well networked brilliant businesswoman has been a wonderful contact in my valued network.

Joshua Pies, Exec Producer - C47 Film Associates

Occasionally in life you meet people who do it all - the people skills, the big thinking, appreciation for detail, devotion to excellence, yet practical in negotiations. Jill is that marketing/promotions/business development professional who takes professionalism to a next level. Her ideas are big but practical. Her focus - deliverables. Original solutions just far enough out-of-the-box to maintain consensus. A one-of-a-kind individual who plays on and keeps others on the team. Jill's the one with you, with the clock at 11, after everyone else left the building... if you're lucky in life you get to work with Jill Morgan.

Vince Hope, Lecturer, Simon Business School, University of Rochester